Understanding the Millennial Generation

The generation of today, “the Millennials,” are working in a work set up run by people from different generations that prospectively share less similarities with millennials. This has brought about a dilemma that millennials are lazy and unproductive; unsuitable for today’s workplace environments. Some spot-on differences between millennials and people from generation X and baby boomers are as listed below:

  • They don’t like the idea of following the traditional flow of life; a scrambled up life is preferred

The traditional ideology of life is that you wait for everything to come together to do something right. You wait for the ‘right time’ to marry and the ‘right time’ to start building your new house. But, people from this generation do not believe in the ‘right time’, they believe in getting things done even though everything that needs to be in place is in place. They like doing work the non-traditional way!

  • Togetherness is essential; sharing is caring

The generation of today believes in and cherishes togetherness. They believe in working together, working for the betterment of everyone, that is this generation follows a ‘ I climb up the ladder of life and so will all those around me climb up the ladder of life too!’ policy. The world is technically moving up towards a trend where probably in a few years time, no individual person will be owning something privately, everything will be shared or borrowed or mutually owned.

  • Money isn’t the most important thing after all

People of this generation give more weightage to self satisfaction and for social issues than just the pay. Employees of this generation are perfectly prepared to give up on their massively paying jobs just so that they could be involved in helping out for some social issue. Also, millennials like to work for themselves than just work for another, even though the pay is above average.

  • Doesn’t some things just need to be free?

Millennials are one generation that believes in the traditional ‘bargaining.’ They believe that price tags need to be worth it. They believe that some prices are just not worth it, that some price tags don’t really ‘belong’ where they are. They believe that some products are more well off if they are free than if they held a price tag.

  • Luxurious life can’t wait for the future

This generation, spends like the luxury, they don’t seem to see the need to be concise on their spending habits. They are ready to sacrifice on other elements of life just to, say, eat at a high-end restaurant for dinner!

  • Travelling is life!

Millennials are all about not settling for the average. They want to go out, explore and live life. They don’t wait for the world to come to them they’d rather go out to the world. For example, couchsurfing.com is one site that allows people to connect across the world and make friends and have cost advantages when it comes to travel.

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