Just after A/L’s? Essentials when making the choice?


One factor that plays a significant role in the choice of a student, when it comes to higher education, is the location where they want to study or the location where they can afford to study. Some students make a choice of university, college or degree purely because they want to live in a particular country and one very feasible way of getting there is higher education! Still other students who have passion for a particular field and want to pursue the same, select their location of study based on the financial constraints, travel, education and experience of parents. There are also situations where students make choices based on what they can afford for, just because they want to go abroad and thus fail to consider the available much feasible and affordable degrees at home. In that case say for business based degrees or IT based degrees, you are leaving out a whole lot of options back at home! Top-notch, Money worth degrees too!

 Financial Ability

And, at the same time it is important that institutions make students’ financial lifes easier. Student loans and scholarships play a key role in the same. look out for institutions and universities that are generous to land yourself on a scholarship or loan.

Academic Reputation of the University 

There exists a tendency among students to blindly apply to universities that are high in rankings irrespective of their eligibility or affordability. But then again who doesn’t want a degree from a top ranked university ? That’s just an irresistible temptation right? So, that’s where options like ‘Affiliations’ ‘really become effective, say for example we’d offer you a well reputed degree from a well reputed university that’s worth your money isn’t that an ideal option we have been looking for?

Being Practical and Passionate 

You have passion for a particular field, you are an expert in the field (okay that’s perfect now!) but could you financially afford it? Is it not much practical to make a choice that’s more affordable and that can earn higher returns in future first? Or you can start working academically towards your field of interest at affordable price? What if we can see either of these options under one roof for you to choose from?

Each person is unique different from the other person. The differences can pose possible contradictions when you try to choose a degree of university because your friend is doing the same. Some students are talented in the arts when some are good with numbers. So, if you walk into a degree that requires knowledge in the arts just because your friend is good with the arts aren’t you doing a mistake? The point here is many of us stumble and struggle when making such choices. It is essential that the institution you are focussing on ensures and supports you in making this choice while having respective courses on offer.

Career Oriented Studies 

We study to work, we want to be able to make money out of the passion we have. Then again when making our undergraduate or postgraduate choices its essential we make choices with this in our head. But as it is usual it’s often possible that we miss out on career prospects and support the institutions or universities we are looking at are offering.

Extra Curricular Activities  

Having a degree, having an educational qualification is essential. (there’s no doubt about that!), but is that enough? Your uni life is essentially the optimal place where you can groom yourself into whatever you’d like to become, even an academic and sports person or musicians or anything else. The easiest way you can do this is by landing yourself in an institution that provides you both! When making your higher education choice be sure to check if the institution you are interested in provides adequate options for extra curricular activities because that experience is what goes a long way!..


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