How to make your career choice as a Sri-Lankan?

We study to make sure that we get ourselves a good job, we want a good job to ensure we earn well and we earn well to cover our expenses. This routine has helped us become machines that just study, earn and then pay for our expenses and earn more to pay off more expenses. But, a lot of people who are part of this cycle are in jobs that just tire them and not give them that willingness to get up the next day and go to work again.

1st – learn who ‘you’ are

Before you make your career choice, the job that’s going to be a part of your life for the next 5 years at least, it’s fore mostly important to assess yourself. Do a self check of yourself to see what job fits you. Interests, values,soft skills and aptitudes differ from people to people and and this results in some jobs fitting you and some being completely inappropriate for you! Either using a self-assessment tool or contacting a career counselor before making any decisions about what career suits you best could help you make a better decision with regards your career choice that if you  don’t.

2nd – make a list of all our prospective careers

After having multiply assessed yourself using different personality tests or by visiting a number of consultants you might have ended up with a fairly long list of fessible occupations. Now your next step should be, without just plunging yourself to the most commonly mentioned occupation or profession, is to do your research on those results to identify which of those suit you and your personality.

3rd – conduct informational interviews and shorten your list

Meet a few people, preferably those that are already in the occupation , and try getting firsthand information about the job and the job role so that you get a better picture of the real world experience of the job profile. Talk to the people you know, check on LinkedIn and talk to professionals in the field so that you find what’s at par with your personality and preferences.

4th – make your career choice

Now that you have a good knowledge of your prospective career choices and ‘you’, you can make a career choice. But, always remember that you are allowed to make career changes at any point in life, in today’s context there is considerably very few people stick to their ca jobs for a very long period of time. Most millennials switch between  jobs due to low satisfaction levels.

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