The idea or concept of education was not around till the early 19th century, until when industrialisation rose up into prominence. Thus, most educational systems were designed to cater the need of the then job market, prioritizing subjects that turn out to get you proper jobs in that context. However the question at hand is, is following the same style of education systems even today healthy for the future? This type of education system is seen to hamper creativity of children, and make talents look like failures. Sir. Ken Robinson in his famous TED Talk “Do schools kill creativity?” he mentioned that students in schools of today are growing out of creativity rather than growing into creativity. The world of today and the education systems of today has learnt to uphold mainstream careers and not appreciate people who are willing to take up odd, off the beat career paths that perfectly cater for their passion.

One prominent claim among students is that most systems do not appreciate learning or trying new things rather, these systems have turned out to be a means by which one’s ability to memorize and reproduce something is being tested. Those students that try to explore something and come come with a different viewpoint about something are often rewarded with a rejection whereas students who can mug up what’s being taught and put it into a paper are called successful people. Remember when we we kids in our innocence and inquisitivity we come with so many “why” questions like why is the sky blue? 12 years of schooling has somehow managed to teach most of us that those “why” questions are not important and that just grabbing the lesson is important. So, where are we heading? The 21str century is asking for inventors and people who can think differently and come up with innovative ideas that could be implemented onto economies so to ensure that the future is not as yesterday, but is just feeding already existing information and blocking away students creativity going to get us there?

Education as of lately has become a form of earning, a business venture. A lot of institutions are aiming to make a profit by running an educational venture. Students  are taught that grades matter and are trained to get good grades or get good GPAs, there is no space or very very less respect for people who think different and come up with something new in this structure. How many institutions genuinely appreciate students who think out of the box for a mainstream assignment? How many artists are hiding behind those engineers out there? How many dancers behind those doctors?

On the other end schools and their educational structures, that is the hierarchy of the importance given to different subjects, students are mostly encouraged to prioritize and pursue mainstream and popular careers most of which have minimal growth rate or salary increment rates. By this students are not only left out unintroduced to a vast number of other career pathways they are also abandoned from possibly identifying a hidden talent that probably branch away into one of these offbeat careers.

We talk about the unforeseen future being good in every way, having never before technology and never before ease in anything and everything but keep on teaching our students who are yet to make that future possible the same old knowledge, techniques and information we used 30 years ago to create today? Employers today are actively looking for innovators and people who can help bring about something new and different to cater the need of creating a better future than the present where as educational institutions are preparing employees who could “perfectly” execute the tasks that compose mainstream job roles or rather professors in knowledge and equipment already existent. This has created a gap between employer expectations and what employees are able to provide and that is where our education systems are failing. Education systems need to appreciate innovation and new ideas brought up by students that can possibly lead to radical changes in future.

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