Symbiotic relationships are necessarily when organisms cherish working together and growing together be it in any sphere of life. Millennials are necessarily a huge fan of this concept and that’s essentially why the topic has come up into limelight. This concept has now emerged to importance in the field of business especially concerning managing and/(or) working with Millennials.

Millennials are eager for feedback and value organizations that can give them mentors. A lot of successful people claim that one main reason for their successfulness is the presence of a good mentor in their early life that helped them reach the phenomenal success they have reached today. Success stories also show us that mentors have played a significant role in bringing them Okay, now having understood the feet to which Millennials consider connectivity important what back in case of contingency.

Can you as a business entity exploit this opportunity? Research has shown that if you can engage your customers, potentially Millennials, they can market your product on behalf of you. This generation that’s using the tools available for them to express themselves extensively prefer a tech based conversation rather than a survey. Millennials are actively tweeting, scrolling down facebook to react to their favorite posts or posting a pic of the latest happenings in their life on Instagram. They are just actively interacting on facebook and genuinely express their preference towards or against something. People today don’t take time to read through product reviews on posters or tags round the racks at supermarkets, but instead they take time to post reviews on Facebook and take time to actually read reviews on google and Instagram. For example, i as a person, my first step for evaluating a new restaurant or may be a new movie is reading the reviews before anything else!

However in the world of today, long lasting forever kinda relationships when it comes to the world of business is very very rare so people are pretty contented with having short term joint ventures kind of relationships with people and businesses just only in times of crisis. Short lived relationships that are focussed on ‘problem solving’ and then relationship dies.

Almost 60 per cent of millennials follow brands on social media platforms and amongst them about 30 per cent of people use these mediums that provide information on brands and customer reviews to make decisions and to draft their opinions and viewpoints regarding different brands. Therefore a positive picture on social media could easily get your brand successfully marketed into the society because once the picture has been created millennials themselves will market, by word or by just liking your post and sharing it, the product significantly. Whereas whatever format of traditional marketing a firm may pursue the impact they could make through making use of symbiosis cannot be beaten.

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