24 hours a day; 1440 minutes, 86410 seconds… might seem like a lot of time in our hands. This however, is not the case. In our rapidly evolving, fast paced, tech oriented world – time seems to be slipping much faster than sand falling through our fingers.

We use technology to live a life of convenience and ease. And in such circumstances, we have come to realize that work that used to take a long time to be finished, can now be done within a short time period. For example, back in the good old days, doing research required a lot of time, as one would have to physically go down to libraries and manually search through various books and files. This requires a lot of time. Fast forward to status quo, we can now sit at home and do our research online, which provides a wide range of data – via online libraries, archives, reports from universities across the world, etc. The ease which we enjoy now, in terms of everything, has helped us get our work done within a short period of time. This has, in turn, resulted in having to do more work within the given time-frame. Therefore it is vital, that we know how to use time wisely, in order to ensure that we get things done on time.

Time, in the life of a student, is very important. Because of the multiple distractions in place, students generally tend to mismanage time. This false idea of “ample time’ has resulted in most of us becoming great procrastinators. We assume that we have enough time to get things done before the deadline, and so, we indulge in our distractions until we realize that we actually do not have the time to finish the required workload. Then we suffer.

This would not be the case if we, as students, actually understood the concept of time management. Time management refers to the efficient allocation of time to certain work/duties/goals in order to get them done on time in a stress-free manner.

Time management is vital for many reasons. Here are a few:

Time is scarce 

Today, most students face the dilemma of having too much to do, with too little time to spare. Be it a project submission, or school report, students generally procrastinate until the last minute and only then do they start working. This warrants for unnecessary stress, tension and even a sleepless night or two.

All of this could be easily avoided with efficient time management. Allocating a little bit of time to your project everyday would result in an easier way of finishing your project on time minus the added stress.

Thus, by allocating a little bit of time a day to a certain job/work/project would result in increased efficiency, where you would make use of the available time and still get your work done.

Taking control of your life

By managing time effectively, one gets to take charge of his/her life, and not go with the flow as most of the others do. By being in control of your life, you get to have an effective balance of your ‘study life’ and ‘fun-life’; as opposed to spending too much time having fun, and then cramming for your exams at the last moment.

Self-discipline : a vital factor in one’s life

Effective time management skills act as a self-disciplinary measure. By controlling the available time in our hands, we learn to stick to an unprecedented timetable of sorts – which helps bring about a discipline in our lives. It makes us more responsible and mature, and has an overall regulatory effect on our lives.

Stress-free zone : productive work 

Managing time effectively ensures less stress in one’s life. A more relaxed mind at work ensures a productive outcome; as more work can be done within a shorter time period. The efficiency, as a whole, increases.

Better decision-making ability 

By not rushing to finish a project or an assignment, more time is spent on how one could best execute said project. Managing one’s time enables the student have enough time to make decisions which would otherwise be rushed, with all possible options no being explored.


Time and tide waits for none. And therefore, it is vital that students understand the concept of time-management, and learn how to effectively manage their time, in order to lead a more stress-free life.

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